Review: Alive – The Final Evolution

Alive - The Final EvolutionAlive – The Final Evolution


Tadashi Kawashima

Personal Opinion

Out of 21 volumes of “Alive – The Final Evolution”, I’ve only finished reading up to volume 17. Unfortunately I’m lacking enthusiasm to continue reading this manga. The fact is, this manga has an interesting story to follow. It’s just that for someone who reads a good amount of manga, “Alive – The Final Evolution” has little to offer within its plot. From my point of view, the flow of the storyline was quite typical.

The start of the story was great. It involves an mysterious invasion of unknown beings that invaded the human heart. In every heart being invaded, these unknown beings would look for holes within the heart. It fills these holes with the desire to commit suicide. It’s like these beings forced the thought that being dead will fill the holes and ensure happiness to the humans. With the rising rate of suicide cases worldwide, there appears to be people who actually defies the urge to die and stayed alive. The people who stayed alive suddenly gain super powers similar.

The thought of “mutants” and “X-Men” suddenly kept popping-up in my mind. However, the first 10 volumes of this manga denies them. The first 10 volumes had something more to offer than just super powers. For the most part, it tells you more about the dark side of human hearts, why people would commit suicides while other kept the will power to stay alive. It also tells you the ongoing conflict within the human hearts whether it involves others or simply a conflict with one’s self. The first 10 volumes was worth reading.

Starting from volume 11, it was definitely an alternative of “X-Men”. People with super powers are divided to two groups; the “Xavier” group and the “Magneto” group. The “Xavier” group wants to save the world while the “Magneto” group is aiming for world domination. Then comes the party of humans with no super powers who yearn for unlimited energy. All three of these groups aims to control the “Akuro Heart” -the actual form of the invasion.

Although the battle between the three groups is interesting to follow, the plot was somewhat typical. However, I still consider “Alive – The Final Evolution” as a good read. This manga still had many things to offer aside from the battle for the “Akuro Heart”.

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One thought on “Review: Alive – The Final Evolution

  1. Just finished reading volume 18 and 19, so I guess I’ll add a little more to the review above.

    Apparently volume 17 tells another climax. Another battle has ended and results in another twist in the plot. The sides has been reduced to only two sides. One wanted to destroy humanity and one wanted to save humanity. The side wanted to destroy humanity is the “Heart”. This is no surprise. Though things turned out quite unexpected for the side who wanted to save humanity.

    Apart from the above, volume 18 and 19 brings you more than just fights. We will be presented with the aftermath of the battle in volume 17. We’ll see how the battle affect everyone and how they struggle to keep themselves from falling apart. We’ll also see more stories related to the characters which includes a love triangle between three main characters. This particular “love triangle” has successfully lower the intensity of the plot and made the story more fun to read.

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