Review: Daichouhen Doraemon

Daichohen Doraemon Volume 24Daichouhen Doraemon


Fujiko F. Fujio

Personal Opinion

Reading about mysteries, thrilling, horrific and sometimes depressing manga is not always my preference. There are times when I feel like reading something hilarious and fun or at the very least relaxing. This is where Daichouhen Doraemon comes.

Daichouhen Doraemon brings nostalgic feeling to when I was a kid. Those are the times when I have no worries over anything in this world, the times when I feel most relaxed in my entire life, even though I only read the regular Doraemon manga back then.

Daichouhen Doraemon shares the ideals of how the world should be and how us humans should behave. The author shares these ideals through the adventures of Nobita and his gang trying their best to save the world; either their world or any parallel world. Sometimes they go to the strangest place that might only exist in the head of the author.

Compared to the regular Doraemon manga, Daichouhen Doraemon offers (much) better storyline. This is obvious due to the fact that the regular Doraemon manga mostly focus on Doraemon (magical) tools. This is why I prefer reading Daichouhen Doraemon instead of the regular one. Although this was never an issue back when I was a kid.

Daichouhen Doraemon takes you on a journey to a fantasy world -a world where most grown ups fail to recognize. Within this fantasy world, we could easily forget our problems and possibly look at the world from another point of view.

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