Review: IO

The beauty and the mystery under the ocean

Koio Minato

10 Volumes – On Going

Plot Summary
Going on a field trip to Okinawa, Taiyo met the Miyara sisters. Attracted by the fun of diving and the beauty of the sea, he started to learn about diving. Later he came back to Okinawa to dive there. He then remembers that he lived in Miyara’s house when he was a child. A tragedy happened back there which took the lives of the Miyara sisters parents. Unfortunately Taiyo can’t remember exactly what happened.

Strange things start to happen. A giant strange mark glowing in the sea. And the same mark also appears in Mio’s, the youngest of the sisters, chest. Sometimes she got seizures that made her faint. The incident have a connection with an ancient ruins under the sea. As they explore for more clues, things get more complicated.

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