Review: A Funeral Procession of K

A Funeral Procession of K
(K no Souretsu)

A classic thriller

Maki Kusumoto

2 Volume (Completed)

Plot Summary
Mikaya then lives in what used to be K’s room. He’s curious about this K person and his death. He begins to gather pieces of information from the other tenants. There are 7 of them. A nameless guy whose collects morkwall from the other tenants room. A man who always wears goggles and take a dip in his bath. A deceitful girl, with her robotic cat, who lives with her mother. A pilgrim-dressed butcher. A paranoid old technician. And a doll maker who likes to lock herself in her room.

So who is the one that killed K? Why did he killed K? Where is K’s corpse?

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