Review: Dead End

Dead End
There’s more to this universe than what you allow yourself to feel.

Shohei Manabe

4 Volumes – Completed

Plot Summary
Shirou was a typical construction worker living the same routine day by day. He lived a meaningless life; a life not worth living for. But that simple life changed for the better after an unexpected encounter with Lucy. Lucy brings light to Shirou’s life. Shirou began to appreciate life. Everything life has to offer made him happy. He’s happy living with Lucy. He can’t let her go. He refuse to let her go even though he doesn’t know anything about that girl.

Happiness comes short. That’s what happened to Shirou. Shirou introduced Lucy to his apartment neighbours. After a casual dinner with Lucy and his friends, Shirou’s out to buy cigarettes. He came back only to find his friends murdered and Lucy gone. Standing next to the corpse was a big man telling him that everything’s okay. The big man suddenly pulled Shirou out of his apartment just before the building explodes. He’s trying to save Shirou. Shirou was told to go down the sewer system to meet someone. Amidst the confusion, Shirou decided to listen. Thus he begins the journey through a dark world to find Lucy and unravels the mystery of his slaughtered friends.

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