Review: Bradherley’s Coach

Bradherley’s Coach
From the beginning, she felt things weren’t quite right…

Hiroaki Samura

1 Volume – Completed

Plot Summary

Nicola A Bradherley, 4th richest man in Britain and a member of the House of Lords, is seen by many as a philanthropist. Each year he adopts a number of fortunate girls from orphanages around the country into his family, sending his coach from orphanage to orphanage to collect them.

Some of these girls are even lucky enough to go on to appear on stage with the famous Bradherley Episcopal Opera Troupe. However, not all are so fortunate. Some are actually very, very unfortunate indeed. You see, Lord Bradherley has another use for most of these girls… a terrible, cruel, inhumane – and government approved – use…

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