Review: Eternal Sabbath

Eternal Sabbath
everything is just an illusion

Fuyumi Soryo

8 Volumes – Completed

Plot Summary
Eternal Sabbath (ES) is a gene created from the desire for mortality. That gene gives high immunity, fast regeneration, and 200 year lifespan to the owner. But the researchers don’t realize that they also awaken another ability in the owner -the ability to look into people’s minds and manipulate them.

Shuro is the first prototype of the ES gene. The other one is Izaku, who despises life because he was destined to be sacrificed for the sake of the research. Different to Shuro, who is just wandering about the world outside, Izaku views any other human as thing that he can manipulate and kill.

Since encountering them, Kujou Mine – a neural psychologist – has to face a lot of tragic incidents. So she decided to put an end to it.

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