Review: Half Prince

Half Prince
Welcome to Second Life

Story: Yu Wo
Artist: Choi Hong Chong

4 Volumes – On Going

Plot Summary
A virtual reality game with 93% “reality”? In 2100A.D., even that is possible.

Feng Lan never played it, but things changed when her brother challenged her with a bet. She had to prove that girls could do more than just “stay safe in the back and let the boys do the fight, but eventually level up faster”. Intending not to use her “female benefit”, Feng Lan entered into Second Life…. as a boy.

Personal Opinion
When I read the summary for the first time, I thought it would be typical gender-bender shoujo romance. Moreover, the cover screams “RPG” all the way, which is not my cup of tea. But first chapter got me hooked up, so I decided to read the rest. I say it’s refreshing. Even though the plot focus on the VR world, it feels more relaxing than the usual RPG theme, possibly because it’s only a game, without any serious mission to accomplish except to gain points and level up (so far). I guess it’s suitable for those who want to read fantasy but can’t keep up with long stories.

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