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Kaoru Mori

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One would expect to see the continuation of the manga Emma from this title. Unfortunately, that’s not the only thing we get from Emma Bangaihen. With Emma Bangaihen, we see other stories before and after the story about Emma.

The stories go beyond what I expected. I’d like to think of Emma Bangaihen as a compilation of short stories involving other characters around Emma. We see the love story of Kelly Stowner and his husband, Doug. We see the new life that awaits Miss Eleanor Campbell. We also see how Violette moving on after being kicked out by the Viscount.

We could also follow the beginning of friendship between Hakim Atawari and William Jounes. We will also see more stories about the Molders -and their maids. We will also look further into the family of Tasha. Last but not least, we get to see a conclusion to Emma and William’s love.

Emma Bangaihen was definitely rich. It even shows stories you don’t expect to see like the story behind the maid who gave Emma food while she was abducted and being sold to a brothel. There was also a story related to the singers from a theater which William and Eleanor watched.

Despite that, the continuation of Emma’s story was way too plain. For me, this is a disappoitment. Aside from being predictable, Emma’s story in Emma Bangaihen was too short. No surprises, no tension, no emotion. Plain.

The fact that it was a compilation of short stories made it worth reading. Some of the stories were even fun to read. Readers who are not satisfied with the first ending would also be delighted to see Emma’s love story concluded. In all, Emma Bangaihen is a recommended reading.


Amir Syafrudin –

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