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“I just hate tradition simply for the sake of tradition. That’s just being stubborn.”


Kaoru Mori

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Emma is a story of a maid living in Victorian-era England who falls in love with a man named William Jones. Her encounter with William Jones is a trick of the fate. Nevertheless, it was love at first sight. Both Emma and William Jones loved each other. However, their different social background got in the way. The Jones family does not allow William to love a mere maid.

A typical love story might not be interesting, but it’s not the romance that interests me. The thing that made me eagerly read this manga is the fact that the story took place during the Victorian-era where lower class people are not entitled to associate with upper class people. How will Emma and William struggle to unite their love?

I might be exaggerating, but the above might be the only reason why I decided to read this manga. I personally have a big appetite for horror and psychological thriller, but I find reading a slice-of-life manga once in a while is always a good choice. Emma is one of these good choices.

What’s good about the manga Emma is that the typical romance story is not so typical at all. One would think that the story was going to be JUST about how William Jones and Emma fight against the social standard. It turns out that Emma’s story is a lot more interesting.

Surprising events occurred from the start of the story. William Jones actually had a friend from India who also fell in love with Emma. While Emma herself was quite popular among the gentlemen. This brought up quite a headache for the passive William Jones leading to questions on how he will react to the sudden competition.

The story was pretty straightforward at first. By the end of volume 1, we could clearly see that the main problem faced by Emma and William Jones -still not confessing their love- was their social status. The fact that Emma is a maid and that William Jones faces an arranged marriage were the main obstacle they need to overcome.

The story went less straightforward for the next 6 volumes. This story about Emma and William is not just about them trying to be together. The story expands showing a broader view of Emma and William’s life. The story involves even death and getting a new life for both of them. It was a story of life instead of mere romance. We can also see how the changes in their personality throughout the story.

The plot of the manga Emma was beautiful. It really captures the current social condition of the society. I might not be one to judge how beautiful it is, but the story was wonderful to follow -absolutely wonderful. There are plenty of surprising turn of events that made the story much more interesting to follow, but I won’t spill it here or else it’s not going to be surprising at all.

Aside from the plot, the characters are of course another good point in this manga. The obvious part was of course having Emma and William Jones too shy to confess their feelings was obvious. Emma is especially shy towards William. Despite that, they never deny the fact that they loved each other. It would be less interesting if both characters are straightforward. The plot would be short because they will soon confess their feelings -and most likely decided to run away for the sake of their love.

A good thing for Emma that she is working for Kelly Stoner. Kelly made plenty of decisions for Emma when dealing with William. It was Kelly Stoner that pushed Emma forward in her relationship with William. On the other hand, most characters related to William serves the opposite. William’s father opposed his relationship with Emma -along with other members of the house of Jones. William’s best friend, Hakim, was his rival to earn Emma’s love. Not for long though. His ego made him encourage Emma and William to be together.

We also see Eleanor who has been arranged to marry William. You’ll wonder whether this girl will get in between Emma and William or simply accept the fact that William loved Emma wholeheartedly. There are plenty of characters worth mentioning in this manga, but I won’t spoil it with further details.

Last but not least, I really enjoyed how the author managed to depict the Victorian-era England. I am not one who’s familiar with that era but reading Emma really made me took on a journey to the past. My compliments to the author for such a wonderful experience.

The above was far from how wonderful it is to read the manga Emma. If I did that, I might wind up writing twice more paragraphs than this one. It was pretty difficult to get a good image of this manga and I wanted to share this wonderful experience by without spilling to many spoilers. In all, I hope everyone who reads Emma share the same joy as I am.

The “Sequel” section was a nice touch. It tells you a more about the story without disrupting the main plot.


Amir Syafrudin –

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