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Junji Ito

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Would you like to read a story about fish with legs roaming on the land, especially that these fish were actually dead even though the legs are functioning normally?

If you’re into that kind of stuff, then I guess Gyo is the manga for you. Gyo tells the story of a mysterious phenomena where legged-fish are roaming the mainland of Japan spreading germs, causing diseases, and in turn creating chaos all over Japan.

The manga tells the horror occurring in Japan that was initiated from the invasion of the legged-fish (from small and harmless to big and deadly). It starts off quite like a typical invasion. The small and harmless invade in a large number making it difficult to counter. The big and deadly causes more damage as they are able to kill humans.

Later the story unveils the true form of this legged-fish. That is the fact that they are actually machines that uses the fish to produce gas that works as a kind of fuel for the machines to work. More horrible facts about the machine was revealed in the following chapters in this manga.

In any case, I think the plot is a little too predictable. Even if it surprised me now and then, the plot is way too short to make it worthwhile. The story ends where you least wanted it to end. That is when Japan is in ruin and the protagonist is intending to find a way to fix it. Yes, it ends with “intending”. The story was left hanging.

Another downside of this manga was that it is disgusting. This is definitely subjective to the reader’s taste (and stomache). For me, I felt a minor twist in the stomach up to the point where I refuse eating anything after reading the manga. I could withstand blood and gore but I guess I have to pass bloated bodies with blisters all over them.

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