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Ryusuke Mita

Personal Opinion

From my point of view, Dragon Half is a romantic comedy with gags right from the start of the story. It features a fantasy world of dragons focusing on the adventure of a young dragon-half girl named Mink.

Mink is the daughter of a retired -nevertheless famous- dragon slayer  (father) and a red dragon (mother). Thus Mink inherited her father’s skill and her mother’s extraordinary power. Making it easy for her to defeat all the enemies (i.e.: monsters for dinner) standing before her.

How is it romantic? The main plot was actually about her adventure to retrieve a potion -called the Pido Potion- that could turn her into pure human. She needed the potion to win the love of Dick Saucer; a famous dragon slayer AND an idol singer. Shocking!

Then comes her continous “quarrel” with Princess Vina (or is it Veena?) to win the affections of Dick Saucer. It’s jealousy all around for Princess Vina because no matter what she did, Mink always gets the upper hand. It’s romance, I tell you. Romance!

Taking the adventure into account, that is the fact that she has to beat the  greatest demon Azatodeth and his minions to retrieve the Pido Potion, does not change the fact that this manga is actually about romance. Though I have to admit that it exposes more -a lot more- on the adventure and not so much on the romance.

I’ll stop the romance versus adventure debate here.

The quality of this manga itself lies in the comedy, the gags, the jokes, and the likes. Dragon Half brings laughter throughout the entire story -from start to finish. I really think this is the funniest manga I’ve read to date. To be specific, the star of this comedy show was Captain Damaramu and his (constantly repeated) blunder of a lifetime. This guy is my favorite character in Dragon Half.

The “adventure” itself is not too adventure-ish. No significant actions took place during a fight/battle between Mink and her foes. This is indeed a comedy-packed manga that will take you to a laughing journey throughout all 65 chapters.

Personal Rating



Amir Syafrudin:

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