Review: Seizon – Life

Seizon ~ Life
the truth from the past

Story: Nobuyuki Fukumoto

Art: Minegishi Nobuaki

3 Volume – Completed

Plot Summary
Takeda’s wife died 10 years ago, and his daughter dissappeared more than 14 years ago. And after years of loneliness and sufferring, he is diagnosed with the same malignant cancer that took away his wife. Feels that his life has no any meaning anymore, he decides to end his life. That’s when the phone rings, informing that his daughter’s corpse is found.

According to Japan’s law, crime of murder can’t be prosecuted if it’s already passed the 15 years limit. He only has months left: to live, and to find the murderer. Struggling with his own pain, he trace back his daughter’s trail. Fragments of memory that he has neglected for years starts to reappears.

Personal Opinion
One thing that can attract readers is a good opening. And this manga has it. I really like how it builds up the emotion first before entering the main story.

It’s a face-paced manga where after you start to read it, you can’t stop. The first half of the story when Takeda is trying to collecting the clues, is quite exciting. But after that, when the culprit is found and all it’s left is to prove the culprit guilty, it becoming a little dull.

Well, I think it’s normal to expect this kind of story has a better end. The main idea is interesting after all. It could be made into a good movie too I think.

Personal Rating

[Reviewer: Adityo Ananta]


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