Review: The Town of Evening Calm; The Country of Cherry Blossoms

The Town of Evening Calm; The Country of Cherry Blossoms

The Town of Evening Calm; The Country of Cherry Blossoms
(Yunagi no machi; Sakura no kuni)

Fumiya Kouno

3 Chapters – Completed

It’s Hiroshima, 1955. Everything seems normal. But here and there there are some traces left from the tragedy a decade before. But maybe it’s just because nobody wants to talk or even think about it. This is a 2 part stories that happened around that time.

The first part (The Town of Evening Calm), is about young girl named Minami. From the the outside, Minami is cheerful and kind girl. But as a survivor of the bomb, she carries a deep scar in her heart, and bears the question about the life she has.

The second part (The Country of Cherry Blossoms) is about how the tragedy still affecting the lifes of some people even after some decades has gone by.

At first, there is no clear connection between the two parts. But for sharp readers, they might catching up earlier. But I don’t think it’s really matters. Even if there is no connection at all, each one of them is still a sweet and heartfelt story.

The strong point of this manga is how it’s implying the message about the impact of the A-bomb has on people through everyday story. Thus, it’s easily becomes one of the best manga I ever read. I really love it. Even when I’m skimming over it when I’m writing this, it’s succesfully makes me touched again.

Well, I don’t want to talk much more about this manga. Because this one of a kind of manga that you really need to read by yourself to see how good the story is.

Personal Rating

[Reviewer: Adityo Ananta]


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