Review: Old Boy

Old Boy
memories of a man in search of truth

Story: Tsuchiya Garon
Art: Minegishi Nobuaki

8 Volume – Completed

Plot Summary
For 10 years, Goto being imprisoned in a private jail. Locked up in a small room without ever getting out, and without knowing the reason. And suddenly he is free. All he knows is, before he just a normal person without any enemy. So who would go through all the troubles for that? What has he done that made that person holds that much of grudge?

The first thing he want to do is find out the truth. But the person who locked him up is not done with his plan. That person wants Goto to suffers even more, and for Goto to remembers his ‘sin’.

Personal Opinion
The first impression I got from Goto is that he is a strong-willed character. He managed to keep his sanity for 10 years in that room after all. And he has a strong motivation to finds out the truth. It’s shown in the early part. After some time, his mental starts to breaks. And it’s dissapointed me a little. Maybe that’s how human’s psychology works. So sue me if you don’t want me to expect that him to stayed strong until the end.

I think it would nice if it was shorter. Because the story starting to get less interesting in the middle part. The only thing that keep my interest is the main reason behind the whole thing, that yet to be revealed until the last volume. And honestly, it turns out to be a let down :(. Or maybe it’s just me?

So in general, it’s a story that starts great. Then it become tedious. And for the end part, you decide yourself whether you like it or not.

Personal Rating

[Reviewer: Adityo Ananta]


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