Review: Level E

Level E
when an alien is bored

Yoshihiro Togashi

3 Volume – Completed

Plot Summary
A guy broke up into Tsutsui’s apartment. Claiming that he is an alien and has lost his memories. Turns out he is the first prince of planet Dogra, and also the owner of the most brilliant mind in the universe. The problem is his twisted and malicious personality also has no peer.

He likes to manipulate people and make them suffer just to relieve his boredom. And all the mess he dragged Tsutsui on, is just one of his obscene jokes. Later, he abducts 5 kids to make them the defenders of Earth: The Color Rangers. In his own wicked version of course. No one near him is safe from his truly bad taste of joke.

Personal Opinion
Level E is one of the early works of Togashi. Personally, I think this is his best works, compared to the other two of his other works that make him famous: Yu yu Hakusho and Hunter x Hunter. Because it’s simple, and very funny. Don’t let the serious cover and drawing fools you.

Here you can see that he loves to make random plots and putting it all in one title. I guess, making one consistent plot is not Togashi’s best trait :p. If you knew Yu Yu Hakusho or Hunter x Hunter, you’ll know what I mean.

Nothing much I can say about this manga. Except that if you’re looking for something that can make you laugh, you should try to read this. It’s really worth your time.

Personal Rating

[Reviewer: Adityo Ananta]


2 thoughts on “Review: Level E

  1. the best in depth imaginative manga i’ve read so far
    yes i agree this is the best work he had created
    but what surprises me is the fact that very few knew the
    existence of this “unique” manga..

    the inside stories were very detailed that it impressed me to continue reading
    really worth the time..

  2. Just finished reading this manga. I gotta admit that this is one funny manga. I really enjoyed reading all three volumes of Level E. Not only that it’s funny, it is also twisted (in a good sense). The author succeeded in making me go from laughing to being serious and in the end realized I was being tricked into taking this manga seriously. 🙂

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