Review: Half Prince

Half Prince
Welcome to Second Life

Story: Yu Wo
Artist: Choi Hong Chong

4 Volumes – On Going

Plot Summary
A virtual reality game with 93% “reality”? In 2100A.D., even that is possible.

Feng Lan never played it, but things changed when her brother challenged her with a bet. She had to prove that girls could do more than just “stay safe in the back and let the boys do the fight, but eventually level up faster”. Intending not to use her “female benefit”, Feng Lan entered into Second Life…. as a boy.

Personal Opinion
When I read the summary for the first time, I thought it would be typical gender-bender shoujo romance. Moreover, the cover screams “RPG” all the way, which is not my cup of tea. But first chapter got me hooked up, so I decided to read the rest. I say it’s refreshing. Even though the plot focus on the VR world, it feels more relaxing than the usual RPG theme, possibly because it’s only a game, without any serious mission to accomplish except to gain points and level up (so far). I guess it’s suitable for those who want to read fantasy but can’t keep up with long stories.

As a shoujo manhua (note: it’s chinese, so I’m using the term ‘manhua’), the romance is unusual too. I’ve read stories about girls in boys dorms (or such), and honestly have had enough with stories where there’s this one girl/boy and all the people of opposite sex (or even same sex) seem to fall for her/him and the said person is acting all innocent. In Prince(Feng Lan)’s case, fall for him/her is one thing, but chasing him/her like wolf chasing its prey is another thing. I mean, how many shoujo mangas has their heroines gotten chased by girls? Despite all that, I realize this manga has shonen-ai hints, although if you think about it it’s not shonen-ai at all.

The characters are also likable. Despite the well-built RPG setting, for me another strong point of Half Prince is the characters. Or to be exact, their cheesiness. Prince (Feng Lan) is described as energetic, tomboy, and not-so-innocent girl. Other characters like LoliDragon, Wolf, and Guileastos (Gui) are developed pretty well. I especially like Gui, because he doesn’t seem like typical cool and reliable hero. Might be, at first, but it lasts in three pages.

Art-wise, it’s good, if not decent. Prince and Gui are such eye candies! The clothes and armors design are perfectly suited the RPG theme. I say it’s enjoyable for girls and acceptable for boys. But maybe it’s more into shoujo genre.

Actually, I’d like to give Half Prince more than 8/10, but since it’s only one volume released in scanlation form, I think I should wait for the continuation to give proper rating. Not to mention there hasn’t been any real plot so far, except the story of how the group formed. Nevertheless, this is a promising beginning.

Personal Rating

[Reviewer: Hertina Ritsky]


10 thoughts on “Review: Half Prince

  1. Yesh indeed. It’s a very nice manga! I was so addicted that I even watch for more than 5 times. =.=; Call me crazy or nuts, but i still LoVe it. xD
    I’ve watched the chinese one until vol 4 since english version only come out at 1 volume. Anyway, vol 5 is gonna come out soon. xD Or already come out.. Gotta check.

    P/S: There’s a complete novel version of 1/2 prince. But it’s in chinese. And why spoil yourself when you”ve got the chance to read the manga version~ woot~!

  2. This is the best manga I’ve read in forever! I love it and I can’t wait for the next chapter to come out. I want to buy the books but don’t have anywhere close by that sells them. 😦 so sad…

  3. I love this manga too.
    Well, I love fantasy theme, but this is not it. Any miracle that can happen is a result of someone’s deeds. I like to read about people who can really start their own legend. Just by being themselves. HalfPrince is a good thing to read.
    I even want to translate it to my language. I have friends who like to read manga too but do not speak english.
    Im lucky I think. I read it first.

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