Review: Duds Hunt

Duds Hunt
The network survival game!

Tetsuya Tsutsui

1 Volume – Completed

Plot Summary
Nakanishi left reform school to start over in life. His boss couldn’t care less and made use of the fact to taunt him. Knowing he has nowhere else to go, Nakanishi withholds his complaints. Luckily for him, he has someone to share his pain; a virtual friend whom he knows nothing about, except the nickname. This virtual friend introduces Nakanishi to a game to help him relieve his pain. Nakanishi was lucky enough to have such comforting friend, or is he?

Personal Opinion
Duds Hunt is a survival game. Reading this reminds me a lot of Battle Royale where the contestants were put together in such a way that they HAVE to play. I guess they’re willing to play anyway considering that they have to pay a fee to start playing. This manga is short so don’t expect anything deep from the plot. There is a huge difference between this manga and Battle Royale but comparing this manga to the 15-volume Battle Royale any further doesn’t get me anywhere.

Back to Duds Hunt. The arena is within the radius of 2 KM from X point. Game over means you’re not detected as being inside the arena or you’re already eliminated by another player. Device A will be used to mark your position. Use device B to locate your opponents. You have 2 hours to play. No holds barred. Let the hunting begin!

There’s one interesting point I’d like to make. The game took place in a typical city instead of some isolated location. Contestants are participating of their own free will. Registration was done through a website. The game was about money. It is easier to imagine that you can be a part of such game. Although I do have to emphasize that you should go no further than using your imagination. I still find this manga terrible if it should happen for real; exciting, but horrible nonetheless.

Another good point in this manga is that the contenders come from all walks of life. Geeks, delinquents, employees, employers, friends, family members, basically anyone who’s willing to earn fast cash by whatever means necessary. We meet them as Nakanishi’s opponents throughout the game.

Then there is a time when everything started to become dull, so the author introduced the Extra Game. It’s Duds Hunt with contestants having extra muscle and extra will power to kill another opponent to win more money. Killing is not secondary in the Extra Game. The manga retained its excitement during the Extra Game.

This manga contains an interesting concept of the survival game. The plot was adequate enough to ensure that the readers got to know the concept behind the story. It’s a shame that the game was localized. Even though you can register through the Internet, the story only revolves around a certain group of people in a certain location. Besides, looking at the plot as it is, a few extra pages won’t hurt. It feels like the author is in a rush to end the story.

That is all I can say. More words in this review would result in more spoilers. One last thing. By the time I wrote this review, there is no such thing as I’m telling you there is none, but you can go ahead and check for yourself. Maybe someone made sure that address never showed up on the Internet. Either way, happy marker hunting!

Personal Rating

[Reviewer: Amir Syafrudin]


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