Review: Koharu Biyori

Koharu Biyori
Don’t bother…

Mizuki Takehito

2 Volumes – Complete

Plot Summary
Set in the near future, where it’s commonplace for robots to work for their owners, Takaya Murase has just purchased a maid robot from a robotic doll distributor, MaidWorks. Although the robot, Yui, is programmed to lead a normal life cleaning, cooking, and serving her owner, Takaya has other plans for her… like dressing her up in the costumes of his fantasies and more.

Personal Opinion
One of the advantages of reviewing manga, is that I often have the pleasure of reading some very, very good stories. However, occasionally my select-at-random-and-read method fails dismally and I end up stuck with a very, very bad manga. The one advantage, in this case, is that this is probably the easiest review I’ve yet had to write, although I might yet need counseling to get over the trauma of being confronted with such drivel.

Simply put, this little piece of nastiness is everything Chobits could have been, but mercifully wasn’t, thanks to the wonderful people at CLAMP having… well, a brain for starters.

Mizuki has taken (Stolen? Copied?) a similar concept (as well as borrowing liberally from He Is My Master) and wrung every last ounce of humour, storyline, artwork and dare I say taste, out of both stories, leaving behind a withered husk of an excuse for a manga, that is neither funny, nor sexy, nor even remotely worth reading beyond the first few pages. Even within those, I found the main character’s obsession with dress-up dolls went beyond creepy. If it’s even vaguely autobiographical, then we’re dealing with a very strange individual here…

Avoid. As if your life depends on it.

Personal Rating

[Reviewer: Gerwyn Petty]


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