Review: Harukana Machi-e

Harukana Machi-E
another chance…

Jiro Taniguchi

2 Volumes – Completed

Plot Summary
Taking the wrong train, Hiroshi Nakahara (48 years old) returns to his old hometown, Kurayoshi. He decides to look around while waiting for the next train. When he is praying to his mother’s grave, something happens and suddenly he is transported back to the time when he is still 14 years old.

Then he realizes that not long after that was the time when his father left without a word. He never understood why his father decided to leave. He kept thinking that if his father had never left, then his mother wouldn’t have died of sickness from overworking herself.

So there, Hiroshi re-experiences his teens again. Doing things that he had never done before and somehow feeling so good about it. But he’s still worried whether he can find out why his father disappeared and if he can stop his father from doing that.

Personal Opinion
Such a simple story with a very deep meaning. However, I think mature readers will appreciate this story more than the younger ones.

Well, everyone has their own regrets. Being forced to live his teen life once again, Hiroshi sees things that he had never noticed before. Life that he thought very boring was actually quite interesting.

Reading this, you might start thinking about your own past. The things that you missed or the things that you did not realize starts to fade away from your memory. Then you start to compare your present life with your past life. This story can really create that kind of atmosphere. You see now why I said it’s more suitable to mature readers? ^-^

Nothing much to say about this story, except that it is sweet and refreshing. A drama about life and the search for happiness was brought very nicely by its mangaka. Too bad it’s kind of short for a story this good.

Personal Rating

[Reviewer: Adityo Ananta K.]


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