Review: I”s

An honest feeling

Katsura Masakazu

15 Volumes – Completed

Plot Summary
To Ichitaka, Iori is his love at first sight. But he can’t be honest with himself in front of her. Instead, he usually ends up saying the opposite of what he really feel and this create misunderstanding.

Being a shy and indecisive guy, it takes a lot of effort for Ichitaka to make up his mind. After some failed attempts, he confesses to her. And the feeling is mutual. But it isn’t going smoothly.

A love story, from boy’s point of view.

Personal Opinion
I”s was a classic manga that was quite popular some years ago. The truth is, this series didn’t interest me at all at first, so I gave up on it. But a lot of people (mostly boys) said that it was great. Just recently, I decided to give it another try. And it didn’t take a long time to become absorbed into it.

Though it might boring at the beginning. And you might think it’s nothing special, it’s just like many other stories (I thought it’s similar to Pastel). Going further into the story, it get more interesting. Different people may like this story for different reason. For me, I like it because in some way Ichitaka is similar with me.

But there are some parts that I don’t like. Hmm, how am I supposed to say it? Some perverted or ecchi things might be funny or a little amusing. Boys are men after all :p. But too much of it, and you’ve destroyed the story. Well, maybe it’s another reason why boys like this story ~_~.

Anyway, I’m disturbed that Ichitaka’s love is mainly lust (well, just at first maybe). While Iori’s love is pure. Ichitaka is really a selfish and childish guy I must say. But unbelievably lucky to have someone like Iori to love him, regardless -_-`. Fortunately the last part of the story is better. The story matures, and so does Ichitaka.

The last volume is quite sad, but of course end up happy. I think it has one of the best ending I’ve ever read. If it did not end that way, I might have ended up despising this series again :).

Personal Rating

[Reviewer: Adityo Ananta K.]


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