Review: Akane-chan Overdrive

Akane-chan Overdrive
Soul transfer at its worst!

Kawashita Mizuki

2 Volumes – Completed

Plot Summary
Tripping over a bottle left Amamiya comatose. His soul left his body and it eventually ends up inside a body of a girl named Akane, who is also in a coma. Entered by Amamiya’s soul, Akane regained consciousness. It is unfortunate for Amamiya. He has to live Akane’s life. He is now faced with the challenge to live a girl’s life without being a girl.

Personal Opinion
At the beginning of the story, I believed this manga would have a good story. I also expected a good laugh from reading this manga. I think having a boy in a girl’s body would obviously result in a complicated yet hilarious story. That’s what I believed. That’s what I’d expected. That is exactly what I got … in the beginning of the story. 😦

I was hoping to see how funny it is for a boy to live in a girl’s body. Especially if that boy is a lonely, perverted, and desperate boy who yearns for the “warm and soft” love from a girl. 🙂 But what I find is a bit too much. Later in the story, the manga downgrades from a supposedly good manga into a typical naughty-go-erotic manga. There’s a lot of ecchi scenes. The amount of these scenes is, in my opinion, a bit too much. It made me doubt what the story is all about. There’s plenty of fan service to the level where it is annoying. If I want that much, I might as well read a hentai manga for cryin’ out loud.

Adding to that, the story itself is not amusing. The plot was meaningless. There’s too much soul transfer occurring in the story affecting the characters’ personality. I find this disappointing. Solid character personalities is something I find important in any good stories. The quality of the story does not improve throughout the series. Not to mention the ending was left hanging. It’s like the author is in a rush to finish the manga.

The side stories are no exception. I don’t know why the author decided to add them in. One of them actually has a slight connection with the main plot -it involves another soul transfer between different genders. But that does not change the fact that the whole story is not interesting. I am terribly disappointed. All of these got me thinking the author actually wants to write something erotic -with a little homosexual taste- instead.

That being said, the art is fortunately quite appealing. Ecchi’s requires fine quality in drawing. Artists involved in ecchi’s should pay attention to details. I believe this manga has those qualities. The point is the art does not suck. If it did, I don’t know what good points I’d be able to mention about this manga. 🙂

Personal Rating

[Reviewer: Amir Syafrudin]


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