Review: Living Game

Living Game
Everyone looking for their own place

Mochiru Hoshisato

10 Volumes – Completed

Plot Summary
Looking for a decent and (of course) cheap place to live in a city like Tokyo is not an easy feat. Fed up with his cramped apartment, Raizou finally found his ‘dream’ apartment, cheap and quite spacious. But at the very same day he move to his new apartment, his office has to move there too, because of a situation.

He also has to take care of a new kouhai (junior), Izumi who doesn’t have any place to live in Tokyo. Now his apartment is even more cramped than before.

Naturally, love grows between Raizou and Izumi. But of course love is not enough. For the sake of the person you love, you need to take certain responsibilities.

A story of ordinary people, looking for their happiness. Looking for a place that they can call home. Looking for a place where they can find their dreams.

Personal Opinion
This is a nice story that can be easily underestimated if you only take a glimpse at it. There is no hero with special power or abilities fighting to saves the world. Or someone who is chasing a big dreams. Or a dramatic love story. No, this is just a story about completely normal and ordinary people living their live. But that is what make it special.

I think it’s amazing how a simple story like this can touch your heart. Maybe because it’s everybody’s story. I mean every person will eventually experience it. At least I am now :). It make me smile and think of how I live my own life.

Personal Rating

[Reviewer: Adityo Ananta K.]


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