Review: Urukyu

we will do anything for love!

Akimoto Nami

9 Volumes – Completed

Plot Summary
Ami Uzuki and Noa Kurusawa, two high school girls that have made friendship since kindergarten, always accidentally fall in love with same boy. And they always compete each other to get a boyfriend. It makes them become rival though they are pretty close in funny way. Even they are pretty cute, they never have any boyfriend for 15 years!! Maybe boys feel afraid of their aggressive behaviour :p.

One day they found their dream boy at last. And the best part of it is that they are not fall in love with same guy. Ami interested to Tamon Okazaki, a typical cute guy but rebellious. The other hand, Noa prefer to Tomohiro Nakatsu, a totally cool handsome guy. Tamon and Tomohiro are bestfriend, both of them are very handsome and famous. Many girls want to be their girlfriend. Surprisingly, Tamon and Tomohiro respond Ami and Noa. In short time, their become close and starting to have a date.

Ami and Noa become very happy and they think that their dream to have a boyfriend has become real.

Ami and Noa struggle to get their love. Each of them has their own problem with the boy. These guys, however, are a pair of crafty rogues, playing what they call “a harmless love game.” Enter Mika, Tamon’s ex-girfriend, and Miyamura, a weird teacher, both out to spoil Ami and Noa’s plans.

Personal Opinion
This one is a totally cute shoujo manga. It has everything that girls like inside. Love story, comedy, cute boys, romantic kissing scene, even fashion style to be followed.

Undoubtfully, Nami Akimoto is a great manga writer. Many of her mangas reach success on the market. URUKYU also wellknown as Ultra Cute. URUKYU is ultra cute too, it full with cute illustrations, cute dress that Nami draws to her characters, and of course… cute guys.

Akimoto Nami really knows how it feels to be a girl that in love. She described Ami and Noa’s feeling just exactly like in the reality. What can a girl do to make someone that she fall in love with turn to see her? Does he love me or not? Does he missing me sometimes? Does he ever think about me? And all that kind of questions inside girls mind. Do I look fat? Which dress is looks great in me? Does my acne look so bad? Like Ami who sometimes worried about her weight whether Noa feel very unconfident about her appearance though she is just look OK.

About the illustrations, she draws strong but smooth lines, and the back ground very detail if it needed. In some scene she just used tones for the background. The characters always look cute and very detail, the hair, the dress, everything. But in some part I think the panels a little bit messy, and the tones she used ruin the illustration. Sometimes I have to keep my eyes close for a few second to understand what picture is it because of the tones covered the draw. However, it still a great manga made by great mangaka.

URUKYU absolutely made for girls, but you guys maybe should read it, you can learn how to treat a girl from it, hehe… It is not one touching manga though there some sad scene, I think it more like romantic comedy. Many silly scenes included in this manga. Even the main characters also did many clumsy and silly things. I like the way Nami makes the main characters not so perfect.

It kind of manga that we can read while we eat snack, or while waiting bus. Not too heavy though sometimes I found it very touching. But it always makes me impatient to read the next issue. If you a shoujo manga fans, I think you might be love this one too.

Personal Rating

[Reviewer: Maria Leonitha]


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