Review: Show Me The Money

Show Me The Money
The true value of money …

Malisa Lin

2 Volumes – Completed

Plot Summary
Dahsau Zuhn is a 17 years old boy with the worst of luck. His rich dad was imprisoned for fraud. All of his possessions were confiscated. With his dad in prison and his house sealed, he has no place to go. Not a single relative dares to take him in.

Eventually he was kicked out of his -fancy- school. He ended up having to go to the worst school in the country because it offers free tuition fee. One thing led to another. Dahsau Zuhn is caught up with a girl nameod Aimei Jin who thinks nothing but money. Their relationship grows with the unveiling of Aimei Jin’s complicated past.

Personal Opinion
Although I use the word “complicated”, the story is actually easy to understand. I don’t have to think hard just to get the essence of the story. The story flows in a straight line. No conflict is serious enough to amaze me. Everything seems to go too smooth. There’s not much conflict when Dahsau Zuhn has to lose all his -dad’s- wealth. I don’t see any struggle when he has to go to the worst school in the country. I can’t feel any heat from this manga. It is unfortunate that there’s not much change throughout the story either. Maybe it was meant to be that plain.

Next up is the characters. I don’t think any of the characters are worth mentioning. All of them are something I find typical to find in such a manga. Except for the unbelievable fact that Aimei Jin is super strong. Aimei Jin is the one girl who could break all the windows in a building with only a single punch to the wall of that building. She is so super that I consider it boring. But it is a fact that Aimei Jin’s super power adds plenty of humor to the story.

Although I wouldn’t be suprised if some people would find this piece to be hilarious. As I said before, I find this comic to be boring but at the same time amusing in its own way. The conflicts are not that interesting but at some points I find it meaningful. I guess I’m just not into this type of manga. Despite all those said above, I still think this manga is entertaining enough to read.

Personal Rating

[Reviewer: Amir Syafrudin]


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