Review: Jiraishin

Ruthless justice

Tsutomu Takahashi

19 Volumes – Complete

Plot Summary
Kyoya Iida, a ruthless homicide detective who does his case in his own ways. His appearance maybe cold and arrogant, but deep inside he’s just someone who has a strong sense of justice. And aside from his cynical way of speaking, he actually care about the people around him.

This story represents some records of his cases when exposing the darkness in the heart of criminals. It reveals how small matters could turn someone into evil. It’s like seeing a crime from the point of view of the criminals.

Personal Opinion
It’s different from any other detective stories. In here each story always starts with the background of the case. It’s not about the main character taking down the criminals. In my opinion the criminals took the main role in each story.

Each case has it’s own uniqueness. Some you might say as an ‘ordinary’ case, but it turns out to be not so ordinary. There is no strange or bizarre tricks that you usually find in other detective stories like Conan or Kindaichi. The story focus on how human heart sometimes can be very simple, but in other times it can be very complicated. You might also find how each story ends is unsatisfying, but hey, there is no crime with a happy ending.

Adding more darkness to this story is the death of important characters. All of them died in most tragic and shocking way, given the circumstances at the time it’s happened. You can really feel the disbelief, anger, hate, and sorrow. But I must say that this adds points to make the story more interesting.

One thing you might find it a ‘little’ strange in this manga is the main character, Kyoya Iida, who never hesitates at all when taking the suspects down. Some are badly injured, but mostly dead. Even though he’s an ambidextrous sharp shooter who can easily disarm them, like by shooting their hands or feet, he prefers to do a headshot. ^-^

As for the reason to his killings, Iida talks about people’s shadow in the series finale. He describes how he can see that everyone has different colors in their shadows. The criminal’s shadow are shrouded in darkness. And he said that, shouldering the burdens of all those deaths, he can’t determine the color of his own shadow anymore. To him, catching criminals is like breathing. He can’t live without it. Whether we like it or not, humans need to breath.

Personal Rating

[Reviewer: Adityo Ananta K.]


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