Review: Claymore

Silver-eyed Slayer

Norihiro Yagi

13 Volumes – On Going

Plot Summary
Claymore are warriors created to fight Yoma, monsters who disguise and prey on humans. Half human half Yoma, they possess great strength, but the downside is they have to fight to keep their own humanity, or they will consumed by the monster inside them. The one who can’t control his/her yoma power and taken over completely is called the awakened.

Clare become a Claymore by her own will to find the awakened Claymore who stole her hope when she’s still a kid. The one-horned Yoma with unbeatable power. All the while the organization that creates the Claymore have hidden agenda behind the existence of Claymore.

Personal Opinion
This is just another story about some warriors fighting against the monsters. While there isn’t anything new in the main idea, there is something in this manga that draws my interest. I can’t find the right word to describe it. With a set of medieval era looks, it’s unique art, and the narration, I can only say that it’s kind of gothic.

The first part of the story is the introduction about Claymore and the main character, Clare. In this part the story is flat. Impatient reader may lost it’s interest here. The next part is about Clare’s past. This is where the story starts to get interesting. After that the story enters its main part. And, like usual, the main character that was described strong in the beginning, turn out to be weak in front of other Claymores and new enemies. Of course gradually she will get stronger. How typical ….

An amusing fact is, from tens of Claymore that appeared in the story, none of them has the same name and each has her own symbol. Even though they come from different era. Wonder if the eventually run out of name and symbol for the characters. 🙂

Some people maybe tired of the theme. But it’s a nice read. They won’t make the anime version if it isn’t good, right?

Personal Rating

[Reviewer: Adityo Ananta K.]


2 thoughts on “Review: Claymore

  1. that’s kinda mean >=[ but it’s your opinion i get that. but gosh. i reckon the story is so DRAMATIC…!!! it’s not everyday people make these kinda of stories for people to read. i must disagree on your opinion that it’s JUST another story of warriors fighting. the best manga’s such as bleach or naruto has a lot of fighting or action and that’s what made it so GOOD. claymore is sooooo goood 🙂 so much DRAMA “what happens? omgod that happened? oh wowww :O this and that. >=[ TYPICAL I THINK NOT i support claymore all the way 🙂 ~ Harry

    p.s if you can’t read this toughhh 😦

  2. Well, my favorite arc here is Teresa’s arc. I guess, that’s what make me keep reading. The other arcs didn’t interest me much though.

    And now, the plot develops wider and wider :(. If it’s something that have been planned by the author then it might turns interesting. But if it’s just to make it longer because it’s popularity, then I can only hope it won’t be a disappointment like other titles with similar fate.

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