Review: Bokura ga Ita

Bokura ga Ita
There was nothing wrong.
It is just a matter of time.

Yuuki Obata

11 Volumes – On going

Plot Summary
Nanami is falling in love with Yano, a popular guy at her new high school. When she told him about her feelings, Yano was not interested. But that’s only at the beginning. Nanami’s tireless effort finally melt his heart. Unfortunately their love story doesn’t go so well. Nanami found that Yano can’t get her ex-girlfriend off his mind. Her name is Nana Yamamoto. She died in a car accident. On the other hand, Takeuchi, Yano’s best friend, is in love with Nanami. Nanami was jealous because Yano can’t forget Nana Yamamoto. Yano felt the same way about Nanami and Takeuchi. It keeps getting worse when Nanami find out that Motoharu had a strange relationship with Yuri Yamamoto; Nana’s younger sister. She can’t figure out what kind of relationship they had. Yano didn’t tell her anything and always lies when she ask about that. What happened between Yano and Yuri? Will Nanami change her heart to Takeuchi? How long will their relationship lasts?

Personal Opinion
I already knew that Bokura ga Ita is not an ordinary shoujo manga. It has more complex love story. I have read it until volume 11 and it keeps getting more complicated. At the beginning, the plot runs slowly. We will think that it’s just another ordinary shoujo manga. An ordinary school girl in love with a popular guy at her high school. Suddenly the guy responds to the girl’s feelings and then they started to be a lover. But Bokura ga Ita is not like that. You will find it getting more and more complicated in each volume.

In Japan, Bokura ga Ita is one of the most popular manga. It recently became one of the Top 10 best selling manga in Japan. It also has its anime version. Both the manga and anime are popular among teenage girls.

The strength of this manga are its story and artwork. We will be attracted to the cover from the first impression. It has a very romantic illustration with soft colors. When you read it, you’ll notice that Yuuki Obata is good in details. Sometimes the background is full with thin lines, but sometimes it’s blank. That depends on what kind of emotion she wants to show. Like when Nanami in a good mood, Yuuki draws many cute effect. But when she is sad, Yuuki just leave the background blank and we can feel the emptiness through her illustration.

Instead of romantic, I find that the plot shows misery. The story is very touching that you could cry with the character. About the characters, Yuuki has made very strong characters. The characters grow along the story. Every character has their own characteristic. Yuuki made a personal approach with each character. So we can feel every character’s emotion. In some chapter she concentrate with one character and made the character to be like the main character. Yuuki made us personally closer to the character. Like when she tell about Yano’s new life in Tokyo, she focuses to Yanos’s life and shows less of Nanami’s side of the story. I think the art and plot is extraordinary. I highly recommend Bokura ga Ita to be added into your collection.

Personal Rating

[Reviewer: Maria Leonietha]


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