Review: Confession

It’s his fault for listening!

Fukumoto Nobuyuki

1 Volume – Completed

Plot Summary
Because of an unexpected heavy snowstorm, Asai and Ishikura got lost in Mt. Owari. Ishikura, having a lot of blood loss after a mountain climbing accident, confesses a murder he had committed in the past. But the snowstorm started to stop bringing a new hope for their survival. They found a lodge. All the while made Ishikura regret his confession.

Personal Opinion
People living a heavy life found relieve in death. Death helps them removes the burden off their shoulder. It is the perfect escape from all the pain and suffering in life. It is all achieved through confession.

I really like how this manga brought up that kind of theme. A confession is not something unusual. A confession in a near death condition is not something I find strange. But what happens if your death was cancelled? :p

It is a fact that Ishikura needed to ease the burden of murder by confessing to Asai. He considered Asai as the only person he could confess to. But what he really needed was an escape from reality. Unfortunately death failed him. A hope for survival meant cancellation of death for Ishikura. His “escape plan” crumbles. That alone made him regret his decision to confess.

That my friend is what Asai thinks about all the time not along after they reached the lodge. Since that moment the tense and anxiety grows inside Asai’s head. He’s mind kept thinking that Ishikura will do whatever necessary to prevent his crime from spreading. But is it really just Asai’s imagination? 🙂

What really interesting is of course the ups and downs of Asai’s suspicion towards Ishikura. He starts from suspicion. Then he found relieve from Ishikura’s positive behavior. Another thing pops up in his mind turns the suspicion back on. Again Ishikura manage to put off the suspicion.

In the middle of the story I thought this is going to be another cat and mouse chase scene having the obvious outcome which is one of them is dead and one of them survived. But the plot does not flow that simple. More surprises are present in that manga. Surprises that, at the very least, boost the quality of the story.

One thing for sure we can see what people would do to survive from this manga. That includes killing another human being. One mistake leads to another. One murder leads to another. We can also see how people were affected by the burden they carry. Sometimes it leads to a change of personality. It is bloody interesting. 🙂

Another interesting point from this manga is that it only involved two characters, one single place, and a small fragment of time. But the manga hasn’t lost it’s value; not one bit. If it was a movie then we’re talking low cost high rating. :p

Personal Rating

[Reviewer: Amir Syafrudin]


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