Review: Togari

The Great Sins Eater!

Yoshinori Natsume

8 Volumes – Completed

Plot Summary
Tobe has been tortured in hell for 300 years. After all that he still insist on escaping from hell on his own. In one of his failed attempt to escape, he met Lady Emma. Lady Emma proposed a deal that will help Tobe to leave hell. Tobe was given the sword “Togari”; the great sins eater. Togari is a sword able to kill a Toga; an evil being who pushes men to do evil deeds. In order to leave hell, Tobe must kill 108 Togas in 108 days. With the thought of being able to leave hell, Tobe agrees to the term and was sent back to the world of living to pursue Togas.

Personal Opinion
This is a typical action manga in which the main character repetitively fight against his enemies. All the while grows stronger after defeating stronger enemies throughout the story. It is indeed a typical action manga.

What I find interesting was the background of Tobe; the main character in this manga. Tobe was considered evil. He is considered a criminal. He died by execution. For that very reason he was sent to hell to repent his crimes. But flashbacks of Tobe from his young life before all of that shows his true nature. Why is Tobe a criminal? Is he really evil?

I live my life believing that nobody was born evil. Hence I always find it interesting to know the background of each evil doers. From Tobe’s background I could say that he was forced to hate the world. He was forced to live by the principle of taking from the weak. He has nothing holding him back from hating the world. With no parents and no one to love you is like having the world rejecting your existence.

While the story advances, Tobe found the true cause of his evil. Kindness gradually fills his heart replacing all his evil. There are many reason to that kindness aside from simply his flashbacks though. With the chance of a new life pursuing Togas, he also found kindness and care from other people which he never felt in his previous life. I think this is the main reason for the change of Tobe’s heart.

That being said, this manga is still an action manga. I still enjoy the scene where Tobe kills the Togas and eventually defeat the bad guys. I also await how Tobe grows stronger by surviving each of his battle against stronger Togas.

Now for the art. Mind you that I’m no good at giving personal opinion about the art of a manga. Anyway I really don’t think the art is beautiful. But I do find it to be appropriate with the theme of the manga. Dark tones. Strong lines. You name it. That’s all I can say about the art.

Personal Rating

[Reviewer: Amir Syafrudin]


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