Review: Bokko

The Dark Days of War

Hideki Mori

11 volumes – Completed

Plot Summary
2300 years ago, the men of Bokk live by the principles to hate the war and to love all humans equally. They strive to defend kingdoms and cities threatened in that age of war. The story introduces Kakuri as one of the men of Bokk who aids the small city of Ryo to survive the attack from the vast army of Tcho. Kakuri must gain the trust of the citizen of Ryo all the while setting the best strategy against Tcho’s army. All the while the Bokk clan faces the danger of being manipulated to fulfill an evil desire within the Bokk clan itself. Can Kakuri survive the battle against the army of Tcho? Is he able to save the Bokk clan from its own destruction?

Personal Opinion
This manga is an action manga added with a bit of historical plot. As to how far it is coherent to real history is out of my reach. What I find interesting in this manga is the strategy used by the main character, Kakuri, to help the small –by that means super weak– city of Ryo avoiding a definite loss in a battle against the vast army of Tcho. Kakuri strive to prepare for the battle. He revives the spirit of the poor people of Ryo. He tames the ego of the royal family. He gains the trust of all the people of Ryo.

The plot was intriguing. Ryo was just an introduction to the manga. I’d still consider 4 volumes telling the story of Ryo is simply an introduction. The rest of the volumes has a wider conflict related to a bigger war between the the seven kingdoms in China. Not to mention the corrupt thougts of Setsuhei, a scholar in the clan of Bokk, who tries to manipulate the very clan that raise him to fulfill his selfish desires.

I also find the personal quality of Kakuri to be interesting. His principles. His dreams. His bravery. His mind. His vigor. His spirit. There are a lot of things we could learn from Kakuri. Especially these days where such qualities are rare.

In any case this manga is a good read. I enjoy reading it. The art is as it is. It’s nothing you can call beautiful but I think the style suits the theme of the manga.

If you like stories about war and strategies then you’ll love Bokko.

Personal Rating

[Reviewer: Amir Syafrudin]


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