Review: Wings of Vendemiaire

Wings of Vendemiaire
The wooden angel

Mohiro Kitoh

2 Volumes – Completed

Plot Summary
Vendemiaire is a wooden doll in the form a girl with wings in her back. She lives and looks like a human. She changes the life of the people she encountered. But in exchange she usually ends up in a tragic fate.

Personal Opinion
What made me read this manga? Honestly it’s the chapters title. It’s kind of poetic. Here is the list:

  • Vendemiaire’s Right Hand
  • Vendemiaire’s White Wings
  • Thermidor’s Time
  • Fructidor’s Fiery Burial
  • Brumaire’s Pranks
  • Black Wings
  • Vendemiaire’s Fiery Burial
  • Vendemiaire’s Flight

But the story is far beneath my expectation.

Vendemiaire in each chapter is a different person .. euh I mean different doll ^-^. Except between the 1st and 8th chapter and also between the 5th and 6th chapter. It’s not just different in physical manner but also different personalities. So you can say it’s more like a collection of short stories.

I don’t know how the describe this manga. One thing for sure, like any other Mohiro Kitoh’s works, it also criticize society. Unfortunately the messages weren’t clear. I found myself confounded after finishing each of the chapter. I mean .. that’s it? Well, some of stories are quite good, but most of it seems meaningless to me.

Personal Rating

[Reviewer: Adityo Ananta K.]


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