Review: The Crows, The Girl, and The Yakuza

The Crows, The Girl, and The Yakuza
Evil is a choice.

Hiroki Endo

One of the stories in Endo Short Stories volume 1.

Plot Summary
Aoki was betrayed by his fellow yakuza. A homeless girl saved him. The girl lives in an empty warehouse with the accompany of crows. Aoki lives with the girl while hiding from his enemies.

Personal Opinion
Not much to say about the art. I guess it’s one of the worst manga art I’ve ever seen. Maybe the author isn’t focusing in the art that much. On the other hand the plot is interesting. It shows you how being “evil” is sometimes a choice made to stay alive. The mangaka manage to show a different perspective of how or why someone is considered evil.

From this manga, I can see the image of how bad people is actually weak at heart. They simply cover their weakness by showing how strong or how bad they can be. Deep down inside, they want to have another choice in life. A choice that doesn’t involve being evil.

Personal Rating

[Reviewer: Amir Syafrudin]


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