Review: A Funeral Procession of K

A Funeral Procession of K
(K no Souretsu)

A classic thriller

Maki Kusumoto

2 Volume (Completed)

Plot Summary
Mikaya then lives in what used to be K’s room. He’s curious about this K person and his death. He begins to gather pieces of information from the other tenants. There are 7 of them. A nameless guy whose collects morkwall from the other tenants room. A man who always wears goggles and take a dip in his bath. A deceitful girl, with her robotic cat, who lives with her mother. A pilgrim-dressed butcher. A paranoid old technician. And a doll maker who likes to lock herself in her room.

So who is the one that killed K? Why did he killed K? Where is K’s corpse?

Personal Opinion
Honestly I’m intrigued by the title. But it turns out to be a classic-thriller-movie-like story. I have to admit it is not a very interesting manga. And the art … well it’s a bit gothic(?).

It’s quite boring at first, and hard to understand, but the oddities of the characters make it a little more interesting. The best part is when the reason of why everyone knew that K is dead though his corpse nowhere to be found was revealed. In the end, you’ll be left only wondering about one thing: ‘what the hell is a morkwall?’.

Personal Rating

[Reviewer: Adityo Ananta K.]


6 thoughts on “Review: A Funeral Procession of K

  1. First of all, thanks for reviewing one of my fav manga! ^^

    Personally, I’m a little surprised you “only” rated this 7/10 (it’s personal, I know ^^). I admit that Kusumoto Maki usually plays with art and panels, and tend to tell the story implicitly.

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