Review: Mahou wo Shinjirukai

Mahou wo Shinjirukai
Do you believe in death god?

Fumiko Tanikawa

3 volumes – Completed

Plot Summary
A lot of good things happened to Hinata lately. She got into her dream university. She got a partime job with a big salary. And above all else her love at first sight, Shiga Shou, suddenly told her that he love her. What a great life she had. It is so great that she thought she would never regret it when she died. But suddenly a man named Saburo came into her life and ruined her perfect happiness. Saburo came to take Shiga’s life. Knowing this, Hinata tries her best to prevent it from happening.

Hinata found Saburo’s earings in her bag. At that time Hinata simply wore it without considering where it came from and who owns it. When she wears it, she can see shinigamis (death gods) which includes Saburo. Saburo want his earings back but it wont come off of Hinata’s ears. The only way to release the earing is she has to sleep with Saburo or be killed by Saburo.

Personal Opinion
This is a cute manga with a peculiar story. It tells you about a relationship between an ordinary girl with a cool guy that has some sort of magical power. I’m very interested in this kind of stories. I think the plot is pretty complicated for a shoujo manga. I can’t even guess the end of the story until I read the last episode. The more I read it, the more I’m involved in the story. I can feel the emotions from each character.

Mahou wo Shinjurikai contains comedy, romance and a bit of action. What about the art? It has less background with simpler ilustration. Using light lines and cute effect. I love it actually. But if you are looking for a more advanced manga with a more complicated story, then I won’t recommend this. It just a light shoujo manga and a bit girlie. But as a shoujo manga, I think its worth collecting. With only 3 volumes we can get a cute and nice love story. As cute as its cover.

Personal Rating

[Reviewer: Maria Leonietha]


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