Review: Hoshi no Koe

Hoshi no Koe
The Voices of Distant Stars.

Created by
Makoto Shinkai

Adapted by
Mizu Sahara

1 Volume – Completed


Plot Summary
Mikako joined a space mission that requires her to be separated from her lover, Noboru. The only way to convey their feelings to each other are through SMS. As the mission travels further through space, the time for the message to arrive took longer. Eventually it took years for the message to arrive.

Mikako, not knowing when she can return, can only hope that Noboru will wait for her to come back. While Noboru, having a hard time expecting someone that may never come, considers to move on with his life.

It is a story picturing how strong their feelings are connected to each other even though they are separated by time and space.

Personal Opinion
This a manga adaption from an anime with the same title, Hoshi no Koe, which was created solely by Makoto Shinkai. He only needs help for the character voices and the music arrangements. It is quite a work of art; trust me.

There is no major difference in the plot of the anime and the manga, but the manga does have more details than the original anime version. It also have more characters. But even though it provides better explanation on some parts of the story, I think it lacks emotions.

I feel more emotions in the anime version. Usually (for other stories) I prefer manga version than the anime version, because there is something that is lost when an anime is being adapted to a manga. I guess original works are always better whether it’s a manga or an anime.

Anyway I think the idea of the story is simple but brilliant. It is also quite romantic. But if you’re questioning about the facts of the physics laws in the story then you might see the story being a bit out of your logic. But then again I don’t really understand about quantum physics. So let’s put that aside.

Hmm. I wonder. What kind of SMS network provider that provides intergalactic services? 🙂

Personal Rating
7.5/10 – for the manga adaption.

[Reviewer: Adityo Ananta K.]


One thought on “Review: Hoshi no Koe

  1. I agree with “simple”. The manga was nothing more than long distance relationship taken to an extreme point involving time warp and age difference. It shows you how two lovers struggle to keep their feelings from fading away. I think that’s all there is to it.

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