Review: Minto na Bokura

Minto na Bokura
Just an ordinary teen love story.

Wataru Yoshizumi

16 Mini Volumes – Completed
(Note: mini volume = 1/3 normal volume)

Plot Summary
Noel and Maria are identical twins. When Maria move to another school to chase her love, Noel also move to that school. Noel wants to bring Maria back. The problem is that it’s a boarding school. There is only one room left in the girl dorm, but Noel is a boy. So with the help from the principal, Noel disguises as a girl. Luckily it’s not a problem for Noel because he looks like her sister and his voice has not changed yet.

Of course things did not always go smooth for Noel. Someone even confess to him. Well to the female Noel of course. He also fell in love with his roommate. Noel wants to confess but he’s afraid that his roommate will think that Noel is trying to deceive her by disguising as a girl.

Meanwhile, Maria’s love is unrequited. But she found another love. Too bad it’s also not going well.

Personal Opinion
Well of course it ends happily. :p As I describe above, the story is simple. It’s a typical teen love, nothing much. Fortunately it’s quite funny.

Personal Rating

[Reviewer: Adityo Ananta K.]


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