Review: Nijigahara Holograph

Nijigahara Holograph
Live with a strong will!

Inio Asano

1 Volume – Completed

Plot Summary
Arie sleeps in and endless coma with a deviant father looking after her. Suzuki hates the world for being cruel and unfair. Komatsuzaki is an unpredictable bully who acts in his own mysterious ways. Arakawa loves Komatsuzaki although knowing the fact she can never have him. Sakaki is a teacher with one injured eye whom Suzuki adores. Arie’s mother committed suicide. All of this are entangled together in a story, spanning 10 years, of blackness, cruelty, and suffering. Will there be hope and redemption in this painful life?

Personal Opinion
This is one of those confusing manga that jumps back and forth between the past and the present. An dark entangled story involving characters for the past ten years as told in the manga. Throughout the manga we can see results of the past. Results that are obscure through the lack of concentration. Thus making it more interesting to re-read the manga.

It is interesting to discover the connection each character has with each other. It is not clear at the beginning of the manga. But in the end they all cross each other’s path in life in an unthinkable way. “The butterflies separated by fate are becoming one.”

This is the kind of manga that leaves me with a question, “Have I understand it all?” Nijigahara Holograph has a deep psychological meaning behind it. One point that is easy to comprehend is that humans must have a strong will no matter how unfair or cruel the world may seem. There is always hope and redemption for humans to keep on living.

Personal Rating

[Reviewer: Amir Syafrudin]


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