Review: Pastel

Pastel colored love story.

Kobayashi Toshihiko

16 Volumes – On going

Plot Summary
Tadano Mugi is an ordinary boy. In looks and all. He just broke up with his girlfriend, Hinako, who decided to move to Tokyo. On his summer work at a beach side shop of his friend’s aunt, he met Tsukisaki Yuu and fell in love with her. Unfortunately their meeting ends badly. Nevertheless he’s still wondering whether he can meet her again. It turns out fate is playing pranks, when he comes back home, Yuu was already in his house.

Their fathers are good friends. Mugi’s father promised to take care of Yuu after her father died. So Yuu and her little sister Tsukasa are going to live there. But Mugi’s father was almost never home, so it’s basically just the three of them.

Mugi want to confess his love to Yuu, but he lacks of courage and confidence. Most of his attempt to confess would turn out into ‘disaster’.

Mugi never realizes his own ‘qualities’. Although he is just a plain and uninteresting boy, he had live by himself since he was a kid because his father always travels to work. He grows up to be a kind, caring, and dependable person. While he trying to get Yuu’s attention, more and more girl fall in love with him. And stands in his way. Including his ex-girlfriend Hinako that still love him. But Mugi can’t get Yuu out of his mind.

Personal Opinion
In short, it’s a love-comedy manga. Though some of the comedy are ‘a little bit’ ecchi. Maybe the ‘ecchi’ part sells more? :p

Like any other similar story, readers should be able to guess that Yuu also likes Mugi from the beginning. But she’s hiding it and waits for Mugi to confess. While Mugi, never realizing that, tries his best to confess.

I like the idea that a plain boy like Mugi is lovable. They love Mugi because of what he is. But on the other hand, I don’t really like the reason why Mugi like Yuu in the first place. It’s more because she is pretty. Throughout the story he felt something in Yuu that made him comfortable. But isn’t that a feeling that normally grow when 2 people spend most of their time together? Ack, who cares. People say that physical attraction is one of gate to the heart. Apparently that is the biggest gate. ^-^

The quality of the drawing suddenly drops in the middle. Don’t know what happen though. You won’t find Mugi’s face change much, but it’s very clear that Yuu become less, err well, attractive ^-^, wups …. kidding. Not just the characters of course, but the background too. Fortunately it got better again. In general I’d say that the drawings are quite neat.

Personal Rating

[Reviewer: Adityo Ananta K.]


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