Review: Bokurano

Is this despicable world worth saving?

Mohiro Kitoh

Volume(s)/Chapter(s) – Status
43 Chapters – On going

Plot Summary
Fifteen boys and girls meet a guy called Kokopelli. Kokopelli asked them to participate in a game. They agree and make a some kind of ‘contract’. The idea of the game is that they have to control a giant robot and defeat the enemies. What they don’t know is that the game is actually real along with its consequences.

The fate of earth is on their hand. If they win the battle, earth will survive; at least until the next battle. Losing the battle means destruction to earth. Another price to pay is that each time a battle is over, the current pilot will be dead. The giant robot – which they called Zearth – moves using it’s pilot life energy. Either way the chosen pilot will surely die.

Will those boys and girls willing to protect the human race at the price of their own life? Is the world really worth protecting? The option gets tougher when they finally realize the meaning of the battle and the origin of the enemy they fight.

Personal Opinion
At first, it’s looks like just-another-mecha-fighting-manga. But thats not the main idea. It’s about how you see the life you have. Soon after a battle end, the next pilot will be chosen. Knowing that his/her life soon will end, how they will spend the final moment of their life?

Each of the kids has different background, so it’s like to see the world form different angles. Most of them are 7th grader. Not yet adult. It’s an age when someone usually start to think about his/her life. Questioning about everything. Some despise how the world works. Some feel content enough with their life. Some have dreams yet to come. We might found a resemblance in one of the kid.

It’s a great manga. It has a simple story but made us think.

Btw, the anime version is currently on air right now in Japan. Directed by Hiroyuki Morita who is also the director of one of Studio Ghibli’s animation, The Cat’s Return. Because he hates the original version (manga) story, with the permission from the mangaka, he ‘slightly’ change it. At least the theme songs – Uninstall (opening) and Little Bird (ending) both by Ishikawa Chiaki – are great :).

Personal Rating

[Reviewer: Adityo Ananta K.]


One thought on “Review: Bokurano

  1. Finally read Bokurano up to the end. I guess it’s two thumbs up to Mohiro Kitoh. The plot was so unpredictable from the start up to the very end. I was always looking forward to the next chapter.

    At first, I didn’t put too much expectations from this manga. To be exact, I didn’t even expect anything special. I was already imagining Bokurano as one of those manga telling a series of battles to save earth. It’s not something I’m interested in a manga these days.

    Yet the fact that each pilot controlling Zearth (the robot protecting earth) died even if they win a battle actually changed how I view the manga. I immediately realize this is more than a robot-fighting-robot kind of manga. There’s got to be something more to this manga when you include the certain death of the characters.

    In addition to the “certain death” idea, I also liked the fact that the author would zoom in on each pilot’s life. The things they feel knowing that the end of their life is near, the things they do to correct their mistakes, and the things they want at the end of their life was different for each character. It’s like having a personal lesson of how different people with different emotions and different backgrounds deal with life itself -the things you don’t learn in class.

    Another point in this manga is that the author managed to throw in a good amount of shocking events as the story unfolds. There are plenty of scenes where I was simply go “Wow!”. It goes on and on up to the fact where I was never bored reading this manga.

    Thank you to the reviewer for recommending this manga. I must admit that it was this blog post that attracts me to the manga. Good job on the review. 🙂

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